Partnering with SheppTech for all your Managed IT, network, and security needs allows you to stay focused on running your business. Often, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can provide a full solution for less than the comparable cost of salaries for full time technicians.

Highly Trained Technicians

SheppTech encourages growth and development to allow our technicians to keep their skills and knowledge base current. As a result, they maintain familiarity with modern technologies.

Increased Productivity

When computers and networks are working efficiently, so do employees. SheppTech can increase productivity by ensuring issues are detected early and responded to quickly. This causes a decrease in wait time and improves performance.

Committed Support

Our support staff is on standby to ensure an understanding of customer issues and tickets. We are committed to responding quickly to requests and forwarding them to technicians for speedy solutions.


Managed Endpoints

A centralized portal provides scheduled operating system and software updates. Automated response plans improve response time, and an advanced warning system alerts support of issues before end users even know there is an issue.

Network Security

By following the guidelines set by NIST, SOC, HIPAA, and others, we can help create a secure environment for internal and customer data and information. Cyber attacks are inevitable and unpredictable. We mitigate the risk by using modern tools and guidelines.

Security Assessments

There are a variety of reports that can help inform us, and you about existing vulnerabilities. We can run assessments on your network and endpoints to ensure we establish a service plan that suits your needs and keeps up with current standards.

Consultation & Procurement

One of the most efficient ways to ensure long term IT success is planning for network growth and hardware longevity. We provide consultation for networks and equipment as well as help to obtain equipment necessary for success.