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IT & Computers


About Jeff

Jeff puts the Tech in SheppTech. He started with a hunger for technology and a thirst for serving his community. He has a Computer and Information Science (CIS) Bachelor’s degree from NU, and is pursuing an Information Security & Digital Forensics (ISDF) Master’s degree. Jeff has a passion for Linux, but has experience with Mac and Windows as well. By day, he is an IT manager and software developer. By night, well… he does pretty much the same thing!

About Katie

Katie is the energy that keeps SheppTech going. With a decade of customer service experience, the company leans on her to ensure that customer needs are being exceeded. As the backbone of the company, Katie makes sure the team stays on schedule. She balances the load between research and project progression so that SheppTech can provide up to date information and services to our customers and to the public.