Our Story

SheppTech was born from a simple, yet profound realization – small businesses in Western NY were in dire need of reliable, value-driven IT services. Initially offering computer services for the local community, our operations expanded to support the tech needs of small to mid-sized businesses, driven by the demand for comprehensive and budget-conscious IT and security solutions.

Starting small has given us a unique perspective on the needs and constraints of small businesses. We understand that not all businesses have room for mature security programs in their budgets, and that’s where SheppTech steps in. We strive to maximize the efficiency and value of our services, providing top-tier solutions with a personal, small business touch.

Meet Our Founder

Jeff, the driving force behind SheppTech, brings a wealth of unique experiences to the company. As a 7-year Army veteran and EOD Bomb Disposal Technician, Jeff developed a keen interest and skill in electronic components, which laid the foundation for his career in the tech industry.

Upon completing his military service, Jeff pursued a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security while simultaneously offering technology installation and troubleshooting services to local residents. This marked the humble beginnings of SheppTech.

Our Philosophy

At SheppTech, we believe in the power of small businesses. We recognize that these enterprises are the backbone of our society, contributing to our schools, homes, and communities. Ensuring their success and profitability, therefore, is more than just a business operation to us – it’s a community-building endeavor.

Our Mission

The mission of SheppTech is simple yet impactful. We aim to navigate the complex world of technology on behalf of our customers, enabling them to focus on their core business. Whether we’re knee-deep in technical processes or providing hands-off managed services, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering unbeatable value.