Humble Beginnings

SheppTech got its start by offering computer services for the local community. After discovering the need for IT services was in great demand in Western NY, our services grew to include small businesses. Now, SheppTech offers a wide variety of services to help support small to mid-sized businesses.

Starting small has given SheppTech an ability to understand the needs of a small business. Budgets don’t often allow for mature security programs, so SheppTech works to maximize the efficiency and value of the contracts with customers to provide top grade service with a small business feel.

Our Owner

Jeff is a 7 year Army veteran, serving his time as an EOD Bomb Disposal Technician out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. During this time, he developed an interest and skill in electronic components which eventually led to an interest in computers and computer technologies.

After leaving military service, Jeff pursued a Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. At the same time, he started servicing local residents with technology installation and troubleshooting. This is where SheppTech began.

Our Philosophy

Small businesses are the backbone of local society. SheppTech recognizes that it is the small business which puts our children through school, food on the table, and keeps the roof over our heads warm and cozy. Helping to keep profits in our small businesses and in our community is essential to SheppTech.

Our Mission

The mission at SheppTech is simple. We strive to navigate the technology waters so our customers can focus on their business. Knee deep or hands off, our mission is to find a comfortable level of interaction to provide a value that exceeds the expectations of our customers.