Cyber Security Services Provider (CSSP)

Cyber security doesn’t have to be complicated. SheppTech simplifies security so your business can function without interruption or downtime. Contact us about a security assessment to get your business protected today.

Endpoint Management

Successfully managing endpoints can be difficult. Allowing SheppTech to manage devices can free up resources which should be allocated to more business appropriate tasks.

Passwords & MFA

Poor password management is a huge security risk. SheppTech can provide a password management tool to make it easy to develop a strong password policy.

Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging cloud tools allows flexibility in a business environment. SheppTech can help configure your cloud, get it secured, and keep it maintained.

Security Audits

Security audits allow insight to an organization's posture. SheppTech can audit business systems and provide useful reports which can be used to improve security across those systems.

Domains & Email

Buying a domain is only the first step. SheppTech can help to utilize a domain effectively and attach it to your email services. Securing and backing up email is important for audits and compliance.


Following rules and regulations for your industry is stressful enough. SheppTech can help meet compliancy requirements throughout your technology space through audits and configurations.