SheppTech primarily builds WordPress websites for customers. WordPress is a drag and drop system that makes development faster, helping to keep our prices far below our competitors.

WordPress also gives us the ability to help self sufficient customers build their own website. If a customer is more technically savvy, we can teach how to use WordPress so that it can be updated more regularly without the additional cost of revision.

There are some limitations to the WordPress platform. Sometimes customers have requests that aren’t easily implemented or fall outside the ability of WordPress. This shouldn’t be discouraging, though! WordPress is incredibly powerful and utilizes plugins to help implement some of the more complicated solutions. Plugins sometimes cost a little extra, but often they are worth every penny.

Ground Up Development

SheppTech got its start in web development. As a favor to a family member, Jeff created a website for a construction company using HTML and CSS. After a short amount of time, a need for dynamic content encouraged the use of JavaScript. Then it was important to keep track of data which introduced PHP for back-end communication with a database.

It is often not necessary to use the ground up development approach, but once in awhile there is a need for it, specifically when a website needs to communicate with a database or when a custom feature is requested. Currently, SheppTech is growing to also be able to provide web applications to customers which will use ASP.NET technology. Customers will soon be able to have complicated data driven websites that can be hosted on premises or in the cloud.

Hosting and Migrating a Site

Hosting a website isn’t very complicated, and with SheppTech it is quite affordable. Hosting refers to providing a service that gives your website a place to live. This pairs with using a domain to tell a computer where to find your website (we can help with domains too). So, when you enter a URL in the address bar, such as “https://shepptech.com”, your browser asks another computer what IP address is associated with the URL, and that IP address is where your website files live.

We have the ability to host websites at our office, which is the most affordable option SheppTech offers. However, because we have physical limitations, this doesn’t offer many of the features that come with hosting in the cloud. SheppTech is prepared to set this up, as well as manage it, and we are willing to be flexible for customers that already know what they want. If a customer doesn’t know what they want, we will work with them to find a solution that best meets their needs.

Sometimes, new customers already have a website. We have the ability to move that website to a new location be it on the SheppTech servers, or in the cloud. We can also make changes to existing websites. Many customers only need improvements made to their existing websites, and don’t need to move it. All of these options are possible. SheppTech wants to help our customers make educated decisions based on whatever their situation.