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Break/Fix or Managed Services

Hiring a full time IT staff may not be possible for small businesses. Break/Fix or Managed Services can give you the results of a full IT team. But, what is the difference?

Break/Fix Model

The break/fix model is a responsive service in which a company sends a technician to fix something that is broken. While this model has its merits, for a company it can prove to be expensive and repetitive. Once a piece of tech is broken, the service company must be called and scheduled. As a result, this takes time and increases down time. SheppTech got its start using this model because of the high demand for IT and computer repair solutions.

Managed Services Model

Through the use of Managed Services, a service company can utilize centralized portals, software, and sometimes hardware to provide a proactive service to customers. By using modern tools, Managed Service Providers (MSP) can identify symptoms of issues prior to a problem presenting itself to the end user. This model reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Combined Model

Through the use of both Managed Services and Break/Fix offerings, SheppTech is able to provide a full solution to our customers. It isn't often, but sometimes a remote solution cannot solve an issue. For example when a computer or server component must be replaced. We offer on site service when necessary to provide a full service IT experience. Contact us so we can work together to find a solution that meets your needs!

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SheppShield - Managed Antivirus

According to Radware, the average cost of a cyber attack is $1.1 million. A refined defense strategy is imperative when facing the constant barrage of cyber attacks in today's internet connected world. SheppShield is our way of labeling our promise to provide our customers with a defense plan. There is no such thing as impenetrable security. But, SheppTech partners with vendors to provide innovative, cutting edge solutions in response to the existing threats our clients face. SheppShield begins with our managed antivirus solution, but carries through to our network and endpoint monitoring, as well as our disaster recovery solutions.

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SheppTech RMM - Managed Endpoints & Managed IT

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) is a solution that provides us the ability to keep track of endpoints. We can monitor their health and status, update the operating system and software, and provide remote support through the use of an interactive connection. This means that SheppTech can provide our customers with IT support that is similar to sitting at the endpoint. The software can be installed on workstations or servers, and supports Windows and Mac as well as some Linux distributions.

By using an RMM solution, our customers can receive top notch IT services. They can be applied across all their endpoints for far less than the cost of a single technician in most cases. With this service comes the skills, knowledge, and experience of the entire SheppTech team.

Our Mission

SheppTech separates from other MSPs through our ability to adapt our mission around our clients' journey to success in their own mission. Our goal is to provide an IT and security service that exceeds even our own expectations. The SheppTech reputation will carry with it the weight of every one of our clients by sharing with them our successes in protecting their IT components.

Through understanding our client's needs and tailoring our services to those needs, SheppTech strives to not only exceed in customer satisfaction but to also gain long lasting relationships built on trust. Open communication will ensure that our clients are well informed, equipping them with the ability to conduct business free of carrying IT on their shoulders.

Our Vision

As technology advances and society's dependence on it grows, so too grows the need for superior defense strategies. SheppTech hopes to develop a standard that is globally recognized in the world of Information Technology. Knowledge is our most powerful tool, and we hope to spread that knowledge to our clients, students, and competitors to help fight the increasing threat against our data and information.