Service Packages

Managed IT Services are subject to change. Reach out to us for a price quote. Pricing varies based on each network, so it is not possible to display below.

Our software can be installed on Workstations and Servers.

Bronze Tier

SheppTech RMM

SheppShield Antivirus

Remote Support

Gold Tier

SheppTech RMM

SheppShield EDR Antivirus

Risk Intelligence

Web Protection

Disaster Recovery

Password Management

Remote Support

A La Carte Services

This list is not all inclusive. We provide managed services for email, Office 365, Duo, and others when needed.

RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management)

This is a software that is used for remotely monitoring endpoint health. It also allows for remote management through the use of uninterrupted command prompt or PowerShell. The software includes a remote technician console for use when the end user needs a more interactive tech support or when non-interactive maintenance is not sufficient. RMM is used to keep the endpoint operating system patched and up to date, as well as providing automatic updates for over 100 software packages.

Managed Antivirus

By using monitored antivirus, all notifications can be monitored from our portal. This allows for immediate response to alerts without the need to create a ticket. Files are scanned and analyzed on a schedule and on demand. If a threat is present on an endpoint, immediate preventative action can be taken to ensure that any spread is contained and remedial action is minimized.

EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response)

EDR uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to actively monitor network traffic and file changes. While standard antivirus simply scans files on a schedule, EDR has the ability to monitor for threats according to network activity and can detect and stop malicious files before they are fully transferred to an endpoint.

Risk Intelligence

This software runs scheduled scans of an endpoint to evaluate vulnerabilities in operating system and network settings. This is similar to a network security assessment, but runs routinely to prevent threats from becoming attacks and allows IT to fix vulnerabilities on the fly rather than as a reaction to an assessment.

Web Protection

Otherwise known as content filtering, Web Protection restricts web traffic based on "bad site" lists and categories. Sites can be whitelisted to make exceptions, or blacklisted if specific sites aren't included in the default categories.

Disaster Recovery Backups

The standard disaster recovery plan comes with 150GB of storage for workstations, or 500GB for servers. The backup software utilizes an offsite facility for storage, as well as encryption in storage and encryption in transit. The backup facility is HIPAA compliant, and follows strict guidelines to ensure data is protected.

Net Path

This service allows SheppTech to monitor the traffic between two sites for weaknesses in speed and connectivity. By following the path the data takes, we can pinpoint the vulnerable node in the data path to prevent interruptions in service.

Password Management

Utilizing strong passwords is becoming more important every day. We can provide a password management solution which provides individual and company vaults. The same portal also has the ability for document storage, domain password integration for password recovery and reset, and we can even customize your password management portal with your company name and logo.

Managed Hardware

For complex networks, we help to install equipment that allows our technicians to monitor network equipment more successfully. From switches and routers to WiFi and Mobile Devices, SheppTech can provide a managed solution to keep track of users, access, and traffic.

Managed Software

From Office 365 to Adobe CC and more, we can help customers find, configure, and manage cloud based services. We can also help with Azure and other cloud based hosting platforms.

Onsite Support

In Western NY, SheppTech can provide onsite support for hardware and network issues. For customers that are more remote, we can work with a third party to provide SheppTech managed onsite support.


Being experts in IT gives us the ability to consult with our clients to provide solutions for networking and hardware. Whether our client needs help only with choosing equipment and planning installation, or they need a more hands on involvement, we can help make choices that fit budgets, needs, and standards.



SheppTech can provide custom service packages based on our clients' needs. Pricing varies based on how the services are bundled. Discounts may be provided for bulk packages, or multiple features. Any service can be added to any of the packages above and price quotes can be provided by contacting SheppTech.