Not So Standard Anti-Virus

SheppTech uses an Anti-Virus (AV) solution named Comodo. The primary functions of Comodo are similar to that of most name brand AV solutions on the market. The software actively scans new files, internet activity, and software to make sure the user isn’t accidentally accessing malicious programs. Features can be turned on and off, and custom exceptions can be made to allow specific files.

The unique features of Comodo is why SheppTech uses it, and why we offer it to our customers. First, we can control the application from a centralized portal. This gives us the ability to help monitor the installation on each machine. Further, it allows us to help customers manage their AV when it blocks something it wasn’t meant to.

Comodo is ranks high on our list of AV solutions because of its aggressive nature. The software will block anything that isn’t on its predefined approved list (or ours). While this can be cumbersome when it is first used, it builds confidence that the software is doing its job. Once the software learns what is acceptable on the user’s machine, it runs smoothly. We all but forget it is even running on our machines, and we think you will too.

Virtual Environment

One of the more complex features of Comodo is the virtual environment that installs with it. This creates space on the machine in which the AV redirects files that it doesn’t recognize or approve. The virtual environment is refused access from the files on the rest of the machine which keeps accidental installations of malicious software from accessing sensitive user data.

This virtual environment can prevent ransomware, virus corruptions of the hard drive, and more. The virtual environment even allows the user to install a software and test it in a virtual desktop environment prior to allowing it access to the rest of the system. This is useful for testing new software, or when experimenting with third party software that might have been downloaded from an unknown location.