National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

NIST sets the standards for almost everything tech in the United States. They are part of the Department of Commerce, so they are a federal institution. NIST regulates a variety of topics from measurements to cybersecurity. Obviously, cybersecurity is the focus that concerns SheppTech and our customers.

Following NIST regulations isn’t enforceable by law right now, but there is a good chance that laws will be written to follow the NIST standard. The organization sets standards for access control, network and machine settings, and more.

Policies and Standards

A company should have its own policies and standards for its employees to follow. SheppTech can help to establish these, and we can help with implementing them so that employees are trained and aware of the cyber threats they may be exposed to.

SheppTech is currently looking for a partner for helping making this process easier for ourselves, as well as for our customers. Training, awareness, and good practice are all equally important, but with the many different standards it may be difficult to know which areas need focus and which areas aren’t applicable.

Until SheppTech finds a partner that is suitable to associate with the SheppTech standards, we are committed to helping customers abide by the NIST standard the old fashioned way. We will reference the standards directly in relation to the business it applies to.