One-On-One Training

SheppTech is committed first to the end user. If we install or configure a technology, we want to be sure that users can experience that technology to its fullest. We reserve time to train all our customers after an installation if it is requested.

We can also provide training as a service. If you just got a new piece of equipment, or if you need to start using a new technology for work, call us first! Even if SheppTech technicians haven’t had experience with your tech, we have the resources to get ourselves up to speed quickly so that we can help you understand it.

User manuals often spit information out in a way that is difficult for an average user to understand. SheppTech will break down that information and work with our customers until they have a firm grasp on the instructions.

Classroom Training

SheppTech is looking for a facility to offer classes in person for groups of people. Offering classes in groups allows us to pool ideas and disseminate information to more people with less effort. It also allows us to network with people that have similar levels of understanding.

For our consumer customers, we want to start teaching basic level classes to help with understanding common technologies with a big focus on personal security. This includes strong passwords and password management, safe email practices, and how to protect yourself against those pesky scams.

Small businesses can take advantage of our classroom training either in their facility, or in ours once we have an official location. Depending on the needs of the business, we can tailor a training to custom needs of a business depending on hardware or software, and knowledge level. We can even do scheduled training to help advance users or maintain awareness.

SheppTech also has the ability to conduct virtual trainings. As SheppTech Academy grows, we plan to implement this into our online school. We see the usefulness of implementing this outside the school as well and can use a platform already in use with your business, or we can host using our own.

SheppTech Academy

Education is the number one way to protect yourself and/or your organization against cyber attacks, as well as to prepare yourself for proper use of technology. We are building an online school system that will allow our students to take classes at their own pace, as well as revisit the classes whenever they need to for a refresher.

SheppTech will offer certifications that will be valid for discounts on our services. A person that educates themselves on technology is actively making our job easier, and we want our students to be able to experience how important it is to SheppTech.

Classes will cover a wide variety of topics, and will vary in their difficulty level. We understand that not everybody is equipped with the same amount of knowledge or experience. In fact, we support the idea that everybody should be at different levels but that everyone is equally responsible for their own technology use. By this we mean that if you use email, you should use it properly. If you are protecting data with a password, you should know how to create and use passwords appropriately.


We want to encourage our customers to work together (not on SheppTech Academy tests of course!) to expand their knowledge. Spreading knowledge and encouraging others to get better at being secure is the only way to ensure we are all protected.

Viruses, malware, and even those pesky chain-mails are spread from person to person as easily as a real virus. Looking at you, Corona! If we all take the approach of spreading knowledge, and make accurate information go viral, everybody will have an elevated level of security instead of high risk of exposure.

SheppTech encourages sharing of our blogs, contact information, and events. It is good for business, but more important than that is how good it is for our community. We like to believe our focus is on the individual and local businesses, but the only way we can reach everybody is if we all work together to get the word out!