SheppTech Academy | Coming Soon!!!

To give back to the community, we are working hard on building our very own Academy!

Our vision for the SheppTech Academy is to spread awareness of security. So, we plan on making all of our user level security classes FREE to anybody that becomes a member of The Pack. (More on that soon too!)

We especially want to give back to our local community. So, we are exploring ideas for giving in seat classes to the public as well. If we can facilitate it, a very big part of that will be an after school program where students can come ask questions, get guidance, take classes, and LEARN about everything in our knowledge base.

What will be in this Academy, you might be wondering? Well, so far our plan is to cover everything from personal IT, small business and small lab IT, best security practices for both consumers and businesses, programming, and more! For our first class, we are putting together a password and password management class. It should be short, easy, and a good testing ground for students and teachers alike. It will provide us with the ability to get feedback to better tailor our program to those it is meant to serve!

Since this program will be designed for all of the members of The Pack, and the public as well, be sure to keep an eye out for updates on how to join The Pack. Members will get exclusive access to some classes, will have access prior to the public, and will even be entered to win prizes which will include SheppTech merch and free classes!

We look forward to this journey, and hope that you all are getting excited for it as well! Feel free to browse the site, or head to the contact page to get ahold of us! The only bad question is a question left unanswered, and we will do our best to answer anything that comes our way!

Talk to you soon!