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HTTPS and SSL Encryption Technology

There are two basic ways encryption is used in security. The first involves encrypting the “physical” data. This scrambles the information when it is stored by the computer. The second way encryption is used is in transportation of data. This scrambles the data when it is transferred over a network, and puts it back together when it reaches its destination.

The digital world is both frustrating and rewarding, especially in the process of learning and growing to keep up with the changing technologies. This holds especially true in topics that encompass security and data. Typically, the first line in security is encryption. There will be a lot of discussion about encryption in the future, but today we have an announcement! Keep reading to find out what it is!

Everyone that uses online banking should be aware of the lock icon in the address bar at the top of the browser. This icon indicates that the transportation security is configured, and trusted. This process is known to use SSL protocol, which gives us HTTPS. HTTPS allows a user to securely transmit data over the network because their machine (computer, or mobile device) encrypts the data and sends it to the banks web server. The server then decrypts it so it can read the information.

Now, for the big news! After a late night grind session at the laptop, some frustration, and more than 2 years of trial and error, SheppTech now has the ability to confidently provide HTTPS services to our websites, as well as SSL for email! Through this process, we also gained a few more tidbits of knowledge, but that can be put in another update.

For now, lets celebrate the giant leap forward for SheppTech and the opportunity to provide our pack with the technology necessary to keep themselves and their customers encrypted and secure. As we sign off, notice the new lock icon in the address bar at the top of this page. (It might look a little different depending on your browser.) It should give the feeling of trust; one that you should be getting from reputable, knowledgeable, and technology driven businesses.

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