Ring Camera Hacked: The Importance of Network Security

A great way to keep an eye on our homes and our families is to use security cameras. Security systems can get extremely pricey which has encouraged consumer grade cameras to become more widely available. Their popularity has made theRead More

FBI Warning About New TVs

If you are reading this, you’ve survived another Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I’m so glad you made it through the feasts and fury! Hopefully you’ve still got some money leftover for last minute Christmas shopping! But, this holiday season,Read More

SheppTech Chat and OAuth

Well folks, we’re at it again! I’ve been busy these past few days and sacrificing a bit of sleep to bring yet another feature. Now, we have an integrated live chat on the website, and it is available to anyoneRead More

HTTPS and SSL Encryption Technology

There are two basic ways encryption is used in security. The first involves encrypting the “physical” data. This scrambles the information when it is stored by the computer. The second way encryption is used is in transportation of data. ThisRead More